This is where you have an idea and Elemensive does everything necessary to make it all happen. We will responsible to purchase all the raw materials, bulks, semi-finished (SF) as well as packaging components, produce and supply to our customers in finished goods price.

Free issue

Collaborate together with your purchased packaging components, Elemensive will do the rest for you. Customer will purchase the packaging components and supply to Elemensive. We will be responsible for the raw materials, bulk and SF produce and supply in finished goods price without the costs of free issued packaging materials.


All of your product elements come to life as a whole from your preferred partner, Elemensive. Our customers will supply raw materials, bulks, SF and packaging components. We will produce and supply the finished goods in manufacturing service fee.

Logistic Service

Your finished goods skilfully packed and delivered to multiple destinations. Elemensive will provide logistic service to meet our customers’ multiple destination delivery by pre-packing the finished goods in shipper quantities according to each destination quantity requirement as determined by our customers. All necessary documents will be provided too.